The coat of arms of the District Municipality had been launched on the 3rd of May 2003 by the then MEC for Public Works Mr Collins Chabane.
The coat of arms itself comprise of the following features:
A kingly crown at the top
A shield, Mopani worm on top of a Mopani leaf
A yellow circle
Two elephants horns and
A green background inside the shield
Two eagles on both sides of the shield
A yellow pedestal with the motto: Unity in diversity.
Now what each one of these elements represents is:
The crown symbolise our respect for the traditional leadership since our is deeply rural District.
The shield symbolises protection
The Mopani worm is indeed our unique character since that these worms are predominantly found in this District alone throughout the country and therefore become a way also for us to begin to fight poverty.
The Mopani leaf is where the worm resides and survive from but also reflects our strong agricultural potential,a yellow circle symbolise
The two elephants horn indicates our tourist potential due to our close proximity with the Kruger national Park.
The two eagles symbolise protection are these birds of prey are once again found in abundance in this District.
Finally the yellow colour symbolise our mineral wealth and the motto relicts the various cultural and ethnic backgrounds and thus the cultural diversity of the people of Mopani.


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